List of online business opportunities in Nigeria

by Praise Might on 12-08-2018 in Business

If you are looking for the list of online business in Nigeria which are legit to engage yourself in, then this post is for you. Read on. 

Nigerians have been active in the online sphere ever since the inception of the internet in Nigeria. Nigeria has approximately 91 million internet users out of a population of 184 million. Which is almost half of the Nigerian population. These goes to prove that Nigeria is ripe for online business. However, most of the Nigerian populace online are confused on which of the online business in Nigeria to make a living from. I must also add legit online business. These businesses are easy to work on, and they become easier when you have the cash to invest on. you need money to make money.

Let's check out the list of online business in Nigeria. List of online business in Nigeria

1. Professional Blogging

Over the years, blogging as grown from just writing and posting for fun to a very lucrative online business in Nigeria. Most of you must have heard of Linda ikeji, makinde azeez and so on. These guys built an empire through blogging. You can start blogging and earn between $60 - $100 per month (with enough hard work) and it increases as your traffic increases. And i must confess, blogging these days is for the strong it'll be less difficult if you have enough money to invest in it though.

2. Launching a startup

Before you start a startup, bear it in mind that your startup must solve or provide a solution to a particular problem. Creating a startup is on the list of online business in Nigeria, because it brings money. But you must be ready to solve problems, work your ass of and learn a lot. Startups aren't owned by weak minds but strong and emotionally strong people. You can learn how to successfully launch your startup in Nigeria. And if you feel you can't handle the stress of handling it alone, you can find out the tips in picking the best cofounder for your startup.

3. Content development

For you to venture into content development you must love writing. And if you want to make the money fast in content development you must learn to be a flexible writer. With content development you can earn $20-$50 per article you write for a client.

4. Brand managing

For this opportunity, you must acquire a lot of digital marketing skills. In fact, no one will hire you without you having a digital marketing skill. You can handle the branding of a particular brand for more than $100-$500 per month. Brand managing is lucrative !

5. Join a referral program.

Joining a referral program like the Nigerian news update (Nnu) program where you pay 1,600 to join and then you start referring people to join the site, each person you refer earns you 1000. This may not be a good means of earning money online, but it can at least support you.

6. Selling photos

This opportunity is meant for only photographers, artists and painters. You can sell photos online on different sites. Simply run a search on Google or bing. sites that i can sell my photos and then you'll see a lot.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good online business in Nigeria. Apart from being one of the lucrative online business in Nigeria, it is legit. To become an affiliate marketer you do not need to have a lot of money, all you need is marketing skills. Additionally, you'll need to join affiliate programs like the Jumia affiliate program, etc

8. Become a tutor

Become a tutor. Being a tutor isn't only related to teaching physics, chemistry etc you can also teach people various skills. The question is, what can you do? What can you offer to teach? Are people willing to pay for what you want to teach?. You can teach about graphic designing, freelance writing, blogging and so many. This opportunity is meant for people with skills.

9. Sell stuffs online.

You can sell stuffs online online through online stores like Jumia, Konga, etc. You can also meet bloggers and tell them to help you sell your products and pay them a particular commission if they sell it for you. This online business opportunity requires good marketing strategies.

10. Graphic Designing

Many brands / people out there are looking for someone to help them get a logo, flyer and banners. You can learn graphic designing to offer people these services. Graphic designing is a legit and lucrative online business in Nigeria.

Before you go, checking out the list of online businesses in Nigeria you'll find out that each and everyone one of them requires a skill. So if you really wants to make money, get a skill!

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