Finally, Akpabio exposed as the man behind the masquerade crisis in AKHA

by Praise Might on 12-05-2018 in General

In a rather belated and frustrated attempt at fighting Speaker Onofiok Luke, the former senate minority leader, Sen. Godswill Akpabio has exposed himself as not just the the brain but also the hand behind the crisis in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly (AKHA).

This was made clarion today from the latest development in the on going legal rumble between the five sacked law makers and the speaker of the 6th Assembly.

Apparently being personally pained that all his weapons against Speaker Onofiok have not succeeded the infamous proponent of electoral Warsaw in Akwa Ibom State has in a renewed legal duel before the Federal High Court hired a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and lawyers from his private chamber – the Akpabio Law House- located in Ewet Housing to try their last chance in court by instituting a suit at the Federal High Court, Uyo this time against the people’s Speaker alone via a writ of summons with suit no FHC/UY/CS/208/18.

Without prejudice to the court yet to be duly seized of the matter this move betrays not only the poor disclaimer by the former governor distancing himself from the rancorous and cantankerous five law makers’ recalcitrant desecration of the hollow chambers clearly “catching Akpabio red handed” but also portrays the ineptitude of the rabble rousers and their team by instituting a fresh suit on an already pending litigious concern through a process that they ordinarily should have used to initiate the original suit were they any least smart or adept in such recherche genre of political litigation.

In a rather preposterous scheme, while attempting to conceal Akpabio’s involvement by using the chamber address of Hon. Idongesit Ituen’s counsel they goofed by equally insulting the intelligence of the good people of Akwa Ibom State by thinking that we will not recognize the other names of the lawyers on the court processes being lawyers in Godswil Akpabio’s recently commissioned private chamber namely Sir Patrick Umoh, Tony Udonsa, Aniebiet Umoren and Asuka Sekenim Esquires.

The question now is how come one employee of the Senator (Mr. Anietie Ekong) issue a press statement denying senator’s sponsorship of the crisis in the house of Assembly in one week and in another week yet another set of employees of the senator – all four lawyers including head of practice in his chambers are now the ones reinforcing the legal battle of the crisis? Such cock and bull coincidence cannot be taken seriously not to talk of the cost of hiring a SAN by law makers who have been crying “poverty” to their constituents as excuse for their lack of will to empower them yet want to continue representing them albeit illegitimately.

Now, before some overzealous legal pundits may be tempted if not prompted by politics or more money to want to argue the Salmon’s theory of distinct corporate juristic personality in defense of our goofing compatriots let me puncture their logic by reminding them the legal and political reality of the doctrine of “Qui facit per allium facit per se”, he who acts through another does the acts himself. The Godswil Akpabio we all know is too totalitarian in nature for his employees to run amok at freewill. Bro. Goddy cannot go left and allow his minions go right, left and center without him scattering them so by design. On this one is replete with his signatures and finger prints. Guilty as charged!

True to type, while they are busy changing and hiring more lawyers from Abroad and within the comrade speaker continues to retain his legal team as lead from day one by – the very amiable learned gentleman, author and comrade- Ekemini Udim Esq. You don’t change a winning team. Especially when law and facts are in your quiver right and ready.

Truth be told, our Distinguished Senator and his folks are ostensibly far too intelligent for these series of legendary display of inanities except unless they are over rated by us all. Be that as it may, like the scripture counsels,”wisdom is proven right by its children”, as the comedy continues we can only hope its dénouement leaves us all in posterity’s good favours.
Comr. Ewa Okpo Edmund is a Street Lawyer, Arbitrator & Literati and can be reached on 08061579995

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