Akwa Ibom 2019: Heaven Or Akwa Ibomites, Who Decides?

by Praise Might on 12-01-2018 in General

By James Abang


An RCCG Pastor visited me with his 4-years old son in 2017. The little boy shared the same seat with his father who was partially carrying him on his laps when I asked the young man his name. He came down from his Father’s laps and walked up to me. I thought he wanted me to carry him but he pushed my hands away and held me on the neck pushing my head towards his mouth and whispered: Bakabasi. I didn’t understand him as he walked back to his father so I asked again – what is your name? This time he turned around and told me in English: FearGod. His father seemed to understand him and explained to me that his name is Bakabasi which means FearGod (in English).

I have a feeling both Gov. Udom Emmanuel and Obong Nsima Ekere may have had similar encounter with that young boy. How else do you explain their current actions. Saturday, December 1st, 2018 has been set aside by both candidates of PDP and APC for prayers prior to commencement of campaign for the 2019 governorship elections.

Why must they pray? Why would any of them waste his time praying instead of working, planning, scheming, consulting, lobbying and even blackmailing? Aren’t these what politics are about? Why the prayer? Because they both “Bakabasi”?

Yes they fear God with deep understanding of what God can do. They know that power comes from God. Jesus Christ himself said it to Pilate in John 19:11. He said “…thou couldest have no power against me except it were given thee from above…”

Psalm 62:11 is more explicit: “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belonged unto God”

No wonder these two men sought God first. But there can be no two governors. So whose prayer will God hear? As a reminder God is a father that answers prayer. He doesn’t refuse the prayer of his children. And I can assure you both men are sons of God. So whose prayer will God hear? Will there be two governors? Let’s find out.

While Udom prays to retain his seat as governor, Nsima will pray for God to remove Udom and replace him (Nsima). Wow! But is God the Akwa Ibom people who will vote? Or is he the much touted federal might which one of the parties boasted about? What is God’s role? Why have they chosen to go to him first?

The answer is in the word of God. Proverbs 21:1 says that “….the king’s heart is in the hands of God, and as the rivers of water: he turneth it whichever he will”. If God can turn the heart of kings how much less the people. He can turn the people overnight for or against any candidate. Barack Obama was sure to lose his re-election until God intervened through hurricane Sandy. The storm helped to draw the discussions away from the economy which was Mitt Romney’s strong point and gave Obama a chance to become comforter-in-chief to the American people barely one week to the elections. The peoples heart were turned towards Obama. The table changed by the hands of God. Fear God.

So whose prayer will God hear?

Moses suffered for several years for the promise land but God told him that for obvious reason, he will not enter the promised land. Seeing that time was running out for him, Moses prayed to God to allow him at least to catch a glimpse of the land he has suffered so much for. In Deuteronomy 3: 25-26 he prayed:

“I pray thee, let me go over, and see the good land that is beyond Jordan, that goodly mountain, and Lebanon.

But God answered and said “Let it suffice thee; speak no more unto me of this matter”

Will this be Nsima’s fate? Before the days of Obong Akpabio, and even long after Akpabio, Obong Nsima Ekere has done everything humanly possible to rule the state as governor to no avail. Seeing that time is running out he begged for one term and promised everything on earth if given a chance to do even if it is a few days. Tomorrow he will go beg God for the same purpose. Will God answer him?

God didn’t want Moses to say it anymore because he knew he won’t be able to refuse him. Because our God is a God that answers prayer. But did Moses enter the promised land? We shall see.

But first let’s see strange thing that happened at gethsemane (Matt 26:36-39). Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour prayed to God that “if it be possible let the cup pass him by” but the cup stayed. Did it mean God didn’t answer? He did. Remember God answers prayer.

Jesus Christ was no other being but the only begotten son. Did God refuse his son’s prayer? No, he answered him. No one knows God more than Jesus Christ. That was why he didn’t just pray to God but added something. He said “…but let it be according to thy will”.

Christ knows something called “the will of God”. Call it wheel of God you won’t be wrong. For it is that primordial kinetic energy that sustains creation and causes this universe to operate under specific universal laws without further interference. Jesus knew that things don’t just happen. Prayers are not just answered. They must align with God’s will and purpose.

So it was God’s will that Christ died that through him sins may be forgiven. It was a law meant to operate without interference, so the cup stays for greater glory. That still didn’t mean that God has changed from prayer answering God. He answered Udom’s prayer since 2013 for a purpose.

Any discerning mind will see that Udom was brought for a purpose. For structural transformation – economic, systems, social and entrepreneurial structures to prepare the state for tomorrow. Until that is done, man’s effort to change him will all come to nought.

But does that mean Nsima Ekere’s prayer to rule the state will not be answered? Far from it. God doesn’t refuse prayer. Even though Moses did not enter the promised land in the Old Testament his prayer was answered. Not many Christians know that God couldn’t refuse Moses that prayer. They are not aware that on the day of transfiguration Moses feet touched the promise land in answer to his prayer. Moses joined Elija on the promiseland to see Jesus before he was taken into heaven. You see prayers are always answered.

Nsima’s prayer will therefore be answered in God’s own appointed time like he did unto Moses. It maybe through his seeds or in his next incarnation, who knows. But 2015 to 2023 has already been decided by heaven locked without further interference.

James Abang R828

Atte-Okiuso Village, Urueoffong/Oruko LGA.



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